Grisel Galicia: April’s G3 Distinguished Scholar

image1Congratulations to Grisel Galicia, April’s Distinguished Scholar of the Month! While this is only Grisel’s first semester in the course, she has worked extremely hard and shown herself to be a very dedicated student.

“My favorite aspect of G3 is learning new and different ways to be self confident, also the class has helped me be able to speak in front of a large crowd. I enjoy it because it shows us that we could be great public speakers,”says Grisel.

Grisel has learned a lot about data analytics during her time in the course and has also deepened her understanding of gender disparity in the STEM field. “G3 has impacted my life by helping me understand that A LOT of women are scared to pursue careers because the jobs are dominated by men. But I believe if you have the right amount of passion and dedication you can achieve any career you want” she states.

Grisel is passionate about pursuing a career in social work and is looking forward to continuing her education.

Please join us again in congratulating Grisel for being a Distinguished Scholar!





Brie George: March’s G3 Distinguished Scholar

imageCongratulations to Brie George for being the distinguished scholar for the month of March!  Brie has been a participant of Girls Inc programming since 2014 and joined G3 to challenge herself academically and build her STEM skills. Brie shares that her favorite part of G3 is embarking on new experiences and learning about key concepts in STEM. “I am proud of the knowledge I have gained and I am looking forward to challenging myself even more than I have in the past.” she adds.

G3 has had a large impact on Brie’s life and has given her insight academically but also professionally. She states: “The program has benefited me in important ways. For instance, the program gave me the opportunity to attend field trips to explore and hear people’s perspectives about their career and what their jobs are like day to day.”

While the program has been impactful for Brie, she has also been influential to the program, specifically in her classroom. “Brie has become a strong leader in data class. Her inquisitive nature drives the class and helps classroom capital grow,” says G3 instructor, Greg Benoit.

Brie is a junior at The Young Women’s Leadership School in Harlem this year. She hopes to pursue a career is psychology and education in the future to enable her to give back and help others. She also has a passion for fashion and likes to express herself through her clothing.

Please join us in celebrating Brie for being a distinguished scholar!


Exploring Facebook

This past week, the G3 girls from Central Park East High School had the awesome opportunity to visit the NYC Facebook Offices! The majority of the visit focused on “speed mentoring”, sort of like speed dating. The girls were able to talk to different Facebook employees for a short amount of time and learn about what they do and their educational background. There were a wide variety of fields represented from engineering, to data science, to recruitment. The students really enjoyed learning more about the various career paths and the Facebook team had a lot of wisdom to share!

After the speed mentoring there was a short panel discussion and then we were off to lunch where the girls were able to see some of the great perks to working at Facebook (free breakfast lunch and dinner!!). Overall, the visit was great fun and gave the girls a lot of insight into what it is really like to work at a company like Facebook!

Thank you Facebook, for hosting such a great visit and inspiring our girls to be Strong Smart and Bold!

Ariana Hammonds: January’s G3 Distinguished Scholar

IMG_0598Programs are up and running after a nice holiday break and our students are working hard in their G3 classes! One student who has gone above and beyond is Ariana Hammonds from Central Park East High School (CPEHS).

This is Ariana’s first year participating in G3 programming however she has been participating in Girls Inc programming for the past four years. Ariana loves learning new vocabulary used to talk about data and hopes to apply these new skills to a career in business. In the future she hopes to own her own business selling affordable clothing.

Ariana has really been enjoying the capstone project where her group is focusing on the lack of women of color in computer science.

“I am looking forward to completing and presenting my final project to the Moody’s Foundation. I want to be able to show off what my team and I have been putting all of our effort into, ” she shares.

Ms. Andrea the G3 teacher at CPEHS nominated Ariana because of her continued hard work and dedication to the G3 coursework.  “During our G3 classes, Ariana is an active participant. She is always asking pertinent questions about data gathering,” says Ms. Andrea.

Outside of G3, Ariana is also a member of the Women’s Youth City Council Group. She is part of the research team on the council that uses data analytics to make decisions on issues that affect young women in her city council district. As you can see, Ariana is already applying all of her knowledge from G3 inside and outside of the classroom!

Ariana also shared a very fun fact that she loves the color purple and the movie Home (because of the purple alien). Please join us is celebrating our distinguished scholar and all of the many ways she embodies our motto of Strong Smart and Bold!


Victoria Vidals: December’s G3 Distinguished Scholar

image (2)Please join us in celebrating Victoria Vidals, our Distinguished scholar for the month of December!

Victoria has been part of G3 since the program’s start in 2014 and continues to be a dedicated participant in the program. She first heard of the program through her guidance counselor and knew G3 would be a great opportunity for her. ” I was going through a tough time and wanted to improve myself, gain more confidence, and learn new things. As soon as I heard about Girls Inc. focusing on building girls leadership skills and focusing on STEM, I had knew I wanted to apply!” says Victoria.

Since joining the program, Victoria has been a dedicated participant. She even attended our Summer Institute and excelled at coding! If you haven’t seen the website she helped to create, you can check out the blog post about it here. Because of her experience in G3, and particularly the coding program, Victoria hopes to pursue computer science in the future. While she doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do, she has a strong passion for psychology, coding, and math.

In addition to being a dedicated student, Victoria is also a new mother. “Because I am a teenage mother, I am currently working on balancing my life as a mother, a student, a daughter, friend, and sibling. This also means I am more motivated and focused to do my best, ” shares Victoria.

Victoria has had a great experience so far with G3 and is really looking forward to having an internship this summer. “G3 has impacted my life by building confidence, social interaction, and has helped me be open-minded and helping me focus on what I want to do in the future. I can truly say it has made me a stronger female,” she says in closing.

Congratulations Victoria on being our G3 Distinguished Scholar for the month of December!

Coaching for Success!

During the school year, the girls spend a potion of their time working on a long term research project. For this project the students have to create a research question, find the data, analyze the data, and eventually will be presenting their findings. This is a big undertaking and perfect opportunity to get help from the professionals! This past week, we had some wonderful volunteers from Moody’s (our partner and funder for the G3 program) come to provide the girls with extra support. Most of the students are in the beginning phases of their research so the coaches helped in focusing the research question and finding credible sources of data.

The volunteers and the students both gained a lot from the experience.

“I’m glad this class exists and wish I had the opportunity to take a class like this in high school prior to majoring in math in college. . My favorite part was helping the team determine what questions to research based on the patterns that the data showed,” shared Kara Novak, a Senior Compliance Associate at Moody’s and Volunteer at Central Park East High School.

Thank you all of the volunteers from Moody’s! Your assistance was greatly appreciated! See below for pictures from the event and follow our blog to stay up to date about the research projects.


Dstillery Site Visit

Recently, our G3 students were able to go on  a site visit to Dstillery, a data analytics firm for marketing and advertising, to learn more about the company and what it is like to work there.

2015-12-11 11.16.39

We had the pleasure of hearing from a few women who work at Dstillery. They spoke of their many (often unconventional) paths to working at a data analytics company and their experiences being women in STEM.

2015-12-11 12.41.33

2015-12-11 12.40.00

The students also had the opportunity to work with some of the data scientist and analyze real data from one of Dstillery’s clients.


Thank you to Dstillery for an awesome site visit!

Hour of Code!

This week, schools across the world are participating in the Hour of Code , a global initiative to engage people of all ages in coding. At all of our G3 sites, we hosted the Hour of Code and the students had a great time! For some students this was their first time coding and for others this was a refresher from what they learned during our Summer Institute. Below is a slide show with pictures from the event!


Nadifa Kargbo: November’s G3 Distinguished Scholar

Nadifa Kargbo, a senior at The Young Women’s Leadership School, is the winner of our G3 Distinguished Scholar Award for the month of November. This award recognizes a student who has gone above and beyond for the G3 program and Nadifa has done just that!

G3 is currently in it’s second year of programming and  Nadifa has been in the program since the beginning. While she first joined G3 because she was looking forward to the internship opportunity, Nadifa says that the program has been better than she imagined. Her favorite part about G3 is the opportunities provided to speak with professionals in STEM fields on a personal level. Nadifa shared that as a senior entering college, it has been encouraging to know that some of the very successful professionals she has met did not have it all together in college.

Nadifa attended the G3 Summer Coding Institute at Barnard, shared her research from last year at our Kickoff Event, and she was even chosen to give a toast at the ThoughtWorks event, a Toast to Ada Lovelace .

“G3 has helped me to have an idea of what I want to major in when I start college in the fall of 2016. Though I don’t know what career I want to pursue, I can tell you that I plan on majoring in a STEM field,” says Nadifa.

Nadifa continues to work hard in class and is one of our strongest participants in the events this year. It is because of this (and more) that she was chosen as our  G3 Distinguished Scholar for November. Please join us in celebrating her! Photo on 1-23-15 at 2.54 PM


Ada Lovelace Day

Ada Lovelace Day…

That is what the invitation on my email said from Girls Inc. I had never heard about Ada Lovelace but I thought that this event would be an awesome opportunity to learn about this amazing woman and also a chance to meet other women.

aldI arrived at the place where the event was going to held not knowing what to expect. The first thing that I laid my eyes on was a woman who was painting a mural of Ada Lovelace. All her focus and soul were directly concentrated on this painting as she carefully added each detail. This woman standing there in a pose that said to me, “ I am a Woman and I can do anything.” Her portrait just emanated so much courage and strength, that I wanted to know more about her. Most of all I wanted to be like her, I wanted to be someone who would be remembered for who she was and what she did to change the world.

The rest of the night was a sea of hellos and nice to meet yous. My friend Nadifa and I met this woman who was so passionate about girls and coding, it was refreshing. She wanted to give girls the chance to be anyone they wished to be, to learn code (Something that wasn’t and still isn’t offered as much for girls as it is for boys), and to unite girls with similar aspiration and ambition for the future.

Ada Lovelace day was a day where I learned the kind of courage and ambition I want to have in life.  I learned that even though you may be afraid of the consequences and there may many obstacles in your path, it never hurts to give something a try. To truly achieve your goals, one must be willing to do even what you thought you couldn’t. This is what Ada Lovelace taught me.
This blog post was written by Cecilia Espana, G3 student at The Young Women’s Leadership School.